Chuchie Hill — Director - Biography


Chuchie Hill is a Spanish/British director, creative director and producer, born on the Island of Mallorca and living between Los Angeles and Spain. She redirected her competitive sailing life passion to film & advertising and has since won, a One Show Entertainment Award for directing the campaign that introduced Jambox to the Brazilian market, for which she also was shortlisted at Cannes, a Human Interest Award for the documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down, a Streamy nomination for Best Branded Entertainment Web Series for Lexus, a Gold Award for Best Television Campaign, a nomination at the Los Angeles Women´s International Film Festival, was preselected for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and was commissioned by BBC for her video art installation Laughing Portraits Pursuit of Happiness. Her 2004 shortfilm Hola To The World with Jean Malone and Hugh Bonneville launched her career as a director.

Chuchie directed the Oxfam Intermón campaign with Miguel Ángel Muñoz, a series of documentaries for Trofeo Princesa Sofía IBEROSTAR released on Olympic Channel and the campaign that launched Pepe Barroso´s clothing brand.

- Founder and President of In the Sea Productions (Non for Profit Production Company committed to helping preserve the Oceans through film).

- Founder and Creative Director of TrickorTreat Visual Factory (Multimedia Graphic and Web Design Studio).

- Former Director of Content and Digital Marketing at Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía (International Olympic Regatta).

- Former Director of Content and Digital Marketing at RFEV (Royal Spanish Sailing Federation).

- Member of the Ocean Artists Society.

- Advisory Board Member of United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean.

- Member of the Jury for Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014.



- Gold Winner / Best Television Campaign 2017 Advertising Awards for "Live Exceptional" Cullman Regional Hospital.

- Bronze One Show Entertainment Award 2012 for ¨Obrigado, Brasil¨ Snoop Dogg ft Marcelo D2 & Jambox.

- Nominated at Cannes Lions 2012 for ¨Obrigado, Brasil¨ Snoop Dogg ft Marcelo D2 & Jambox.

- Human Interest Award at Monaco Film Festival 2012 for ¨Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down¨.

- Best Branded Entertainment Web Series Nomination at Streamy Awards Awarded by Ogilvy 2010 for ¨Parts Art¨ Lexus.

- Nomination at the Los Angeles Women´s International Film Festival 2012 for ¨Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down¨.

- Nomination at DocMiami Film Festival 2011 for ¨Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down¨.

- Nomination at the Method Film Festival for ¨Hola to the World¨.

- Nomination at the Other Venice Film Festival for ¨Hola to the World¨.

- Nomination at Fotogramas en Corto for ¨Hola to the World¨.



2023 - 2024: Series in development.

2021 - 2022: Became a mother.

Nov.2020: Euro Weekly News write up.

Nov.2020: Release of "Just Smile" Music Video for Jack in Water.

Oct.2020: Filming "Just Smile" and "You Don't Feel Like Home" Music Videos.

Feb.2020: Olympic Channel Services press release on "The Race of our Sailors"

Oct.2019: Quit RFEV.

Aug.2019: Filming in Enoshima, Japan.

Jun.2019: Filming in Sanremo, Italy.

Jun.2019: Poland speaking out on gay rights. Gay marriage is still banned in Poland. Replika magazine.

March/April 2019: Filming HRH Princess Sofia Trophy Regatta with Nic Douglass, Adventures of a Sailor girl.

March 2019: Oxfam Campaign reviews El Periódico El Mundo Exclusiva Digital EuropaPress Diez Minutos

March 2019: Oxfam Intermon Campaign with Miguel Angel Muñoz releases. 

March 2019: Filming Oxfam Intermon in Somaliland.

Feb.2019: Short Films Presentation Madrid.

Jan.2019: Hempel World Cup Series Miami filming

Dec.2018: UK filming interview to Sir Ben Ainslie at the INEOS team Uk.

Oct./Nov.: Filming Oxfam Xmas Campaign in Madrid & HRH Princess Sofia Trophy Regatta docs.

Sept.2018: Preproduction for Christmas Campaign for Oxfam Intermon Spain begins.

August 2018: Filming for the documentaries of 50th Anniversary of HRH Princess Sofia Trophy Regatta begins.

August 2018: Not work related but certanly worth mentioning. Angora newspaper in Poland speaks out on Jola Ogar & Chuchie´s marriage. Gay marriage is still banned in Poland.

August 2018: Vogue España mentions Blinded Sould Campaign

July 2018: Blinded Soul Campaign is shown at MadCool Festival in Madrid, Spain.

June 2018: I got married!

May 2018: Post Production TUH Campaign.

April 2018: Shoot The Urban Helper Campaign.

March 2018: Shoot H.R.H. Princesa Sofia Trophy Online Content with Laura Dekker Guest Host.

Feb 2018: Shoot Blinded Soul Fashion Film.

Jan.2018: Shoot 470 Sailing Miami World Cup Series Campaign.

Jun.2017: Awarded Gold Winner / Best Television Campaign 2017 Advertising Awards for "Live Exceptional" Cullman Regional Hospital.

Apr.2017: Shoot Blinded Soul Series.

March 2017: Edit Scenes for Buena Vista Social Club Documentary "Adios".

Feb.-March 2017: Shoot CERO Bikes.

Jan.2017: Shoot ATTN:.

Oct.-Nov 2016: Shoot CAVU Biotherapies.

Jun.-Jul2016: Cullman Regional Hospital Shoot.

May-Jun.2016: Shakti School Shoot.

May 2016: Attend DocsBarcelona.

Feb.2016: All 6 sailing Olympic Classes on board with Sailing My Passion.

Jan.2016: World Sailing (former ISAF, International Sailing Federation) partnering with Sailing My Passion.

Oct. 2015: Olympic Channel reviewing Sailing My Passion.

Sept. 2015: Nautical Channel interested in airing Trofeo Princesa Sofia documentary.

Aug. 2015: Panorama Náutico article.

Aug. 2015: Review by our local peers Passió per La Mar here.

Aug. 2015: MAC Confidential press here.

Aug. 2015: Yacht boat news here.

Aug. 2015: Canary Sports review. 

Aug. 2015: Deporte Balear here.

Aug. 2015: Launch of documentary Trofeo Princesa Sofia - A Legendary Trophy.

July 2015: ISAF reviewing Sailing My Passion.

May 2015: Sailing My Passion is born.

March 2015: 46th Trofeo Princesa Sofia shooting.

Sept. 2014: Anonymous Song, my first feature script I wrote together with my writing partner Will Wallace, becomes a finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab!

June 2014: Served as judge on Jury for HSFF (HollyShorts Film Festival)

February 2014: A wee mention on Creative Cow.

November 2013: New steps for In The Sea You´ll Find Me documentary and Anonymous Song Feature Screenplay.

October 2013: A wee mention on Creative Cow.

October 2013: Pencil Wells Fargo.

September 2013: Edit Hava´s Kitchen Campaign.

August 2013: Prepping Walgreens shoot.

July-August 2013: Shoot Hava´s Kitchen.

July 2013: Broadway World article on Gain spot, to view click here.

July 2013: Shoot & release of new Gain spot, to view click here.

June 2013: Wrapped up ESPN/Disney. 

May 2013: Wrapped up Walmart.

June 2012: OneShow Entertainment Award!!

May 2012: Human Interest Award at Mónaco Film Festival!!

Jan 2012: Creative Review on Snoop piece.

Jan 2012: review on Snoop Dogg video on Evigshed.

Jan 2012: Review on the Drum.

Jan 2012: Review on Screen Magazine here.

Jan 2012: Signed by MRB non exclusive AdAge

Dec 2011: Page on the San Francisco Egotist.

Nov 2010: Review on Televisual about Laughing Portraits Pursuit of Happiness.

Nov 2010: Laughing Portraits on the British Journal.

Feb 2010: Viva City music video on the Journal.

Nov 2009: Heartour music vídeo in Hip Video Promo.

Mar 2007: Local newspaper from Mallorca DBalears makes a review on "Hola to The World"